You’ve got Questions

We’ve got Answers

A lot goes into planning your appreciation event. Here are some answers to help you along the way.

How far in advance should I book my event?

How far to book ahead depends on your event’s size and complexity. That said, we can often put your event together in less than a week! Of course, we appreciate as much notice as you are able to give us.

Will you provide the dishes for my event?

We will be happy to arrange this for you! First, let’s consider what type of event you are holding. For a casual event, we can supply you with biodegradable plateware. If you’re planning something more upscale, we have an excellent working relationship with a top rental company. We can get back to you ASAP with a quote on quality dish rentals.

Are staffing costs included in the quote you will give me?

Based on standard staffing needs, we will provide you with a quote up-front. Then, once we discuss your vision for your event, we can adjust the quote accordingly.

Do you provide tenting?

We will gladly provide a quote for your tenting needs.

How much food will I need?

With their extensive experience and understanding, our event planners and executive chef will help you to choose the just right amount of food for your event.

How long should a BBQ last?

The average BBQ runs for 1.5 hours.

Can you provide for special dietary needs?

We cater for special needs every day! We will be happy to accommodate any allergy restrictions, and preferences such as gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

How do you ensure food stays hot or cold, as the case may be?

Good question. For hot food, where possible we cook on-site. Otherwise, we prepare hot food in our kitchen, then put it into a Thermal Hot Box for transport. Your food will arrive hot – guaranteed! As for cold food, we deliver that in refrigerated vans. And be assured – all our staff are Food-Safe certified.

Do you cater in parks and/or at private homes?

Yes to both! The Lower Mainland has some gorgeous parks, and we’ve catered in many of them. Alternatively, sometimes the best place to entertain your friends and family is right in your own home. In that case, we will take care of all your food needs – you will be a guest at your own event!

Do you provide servers?

We can, certainly. It really depends on what type of event you are holding. Some clients prefer to provide their own servers, so that they have more contact with their guests.

Do you provide theme menus?

Yes, and these are always fun! We’ve done such themes as: Hawaiian, Country Fair, and British Invasion.

What is your sustainability plan?

Our sustainability plan can be summed up in three words: recycle, re-use, biodegrade.

Less than five percent of our waste becomes garbage. Any leftover food that is still safe to eat, according to FOODSAFE guidelines, is distributed to a food mission in the Downtown Eastside. Or, if it is still packaged, to a food redistribution centre.

All paper, glass, metal and plastic waste is collected for recycling, while refundable pop and juice containers are held for collection by charitable groups, such as the Vancouver Food Bank.

Anything that may be safely cleaned – such as plates, other tableware and metal flatware – is thoroughly cleaned and re-used.

We also plan all events carefully to minimize waste and make sure all fruit and vegetable waste from events and from our kitchens ends up as compost.

And, we support BC’s food producers by sourcing our fresh ingredients locally, whenever possible.

Have more questions?

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